TIMETABLE From July2021

Mon   6.30pm General* 1 1/2 hrs
Tues   10.30am INTERMEDIATE* 1 3/4 hrs
Tues   6.15pm Beginners 2* 1 1/2 hrs
Wed   6.30pm Zoom  - All except beginners 1 1/2 hrs
Thurs 11.00am 50 + 1 hr 15mins




1 1/2 hrs

Sat   9.45am Foundation  Course** 1 1/4 hrs
Sat   11.30am General* 1 1/2 hrs













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* Beginners Level 2, General and Intermdiate Level Classes are for experienced Iyengar Yoga students.      **Dates and details for the Saturday Foundation Course are on the home page OR PLEASE ENQUIRE.



for absolute beginners and  those new to Iyengar Yoga

BEGINNERS LEVEL 1 CLASS - ***Wed morning for newcomers and continuing beginners. 
Wed eve for continuing beginners 

FIFTY PLUS CLASS. For older and or stiffer students who are new to Iyengar Yoga but want to work quite hard in consideration of this. The asanas (postures) are practiced carefully and precisely for maximum benefit, sometimes using the wall, ropes, chairs and other props.

BEGINNERS LEVEL 2  is a continution class for BEGINNERS who have attended the above or have some Iyengar yoga experience.

GENERAL CLASSES are for those who have already attended the classes above or other  Iyengar Yoga classes and can hold a shoulder stand using blocks or blankets for approximately 5 minutes. Please enquire if you are uncertain.

INTERMEDIATE CLASS  are for those with a minimum of 4 years regular attendance at Iyengar Yoga Classes and can hold a stable head balance for five/ten minutes and shoulderstand for ten minutes.


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Price List


10 Classes/10 weeks  £85.00 
5 Classes/5 weeks    £48.00  
1 Class £12.00 


5 Classes/5 Weeks £50.00    
10 Classes/10weeks £90.00

1 Class £12.00

50+ (Thurs 11.00 am) *

5 Classses/5 weeks £45
1 Class £9.00


*NOTE       All 10 or 5 week payments cover 10 / 5 classes to be taken within 10 / 5 weeks respectively. By arrrangement missed classes can be substituted with another class. If all 10 classes are not taken then 8 classes can be taken within six months of the first class and if all 5 classes are not taken in 5 weeks then 4 classes can be taken within three months of the first class.

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  • FOOD:  allow two hours for a snack and 4 hours for a main meal. Please do not drink water in class.
  • CLOTHING:   Shorts or leggings (visible feet and ankles for safety)and a T. shirt. Yoga is  practiced in bare feet.
  • TIMING: Classes begin with a quiet sitting period so please arrive 10 mins early to avoid disturbing the class.
  • HEALTH: If you have a medical condition, had a recent injury or  operation,  please contact the studio for advice. If necessary you may come for a private lesson or join a remedial class.
  • PREGNANCY: If you are pregnant and have already been practicing Iyengar Yoga for at least six months please inform the teacher, who will guide you.  However, we regret that new students, who are pregnant cannot be accepted into the Beginners Classes.
  • EQUIPMENT: All provided.

Get In Touch


Telephone: 0151 709 4923
Email: info@yoga-studio.co.uk